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The fun and excitement of the holiday season may be one the most wonderful times of the year, but the exertion and stress could also trigger flare-ups for those of us living with PsA.

We’re revealing the top 10 tips to help you through the holiday season.

  1. Avoid the stress of making a cake – macaroons can be stacked in circles to make an ultra-festive and easy table centerpiece which is just as delicious.
  2. Travelling to stay with friends or family for the festive season? Attaching keyrings to suitcase zips makes them easier to open for tired fingers.
  3. Getting all dressed up for a holiday party? Reach for the Epsom salts instead of bubble bath – they’re linked to a reduction in joint pain.
  4. Add ginger to your hot chocolate, it tastes delicious and could help reduce inflammation.
  5. Cover an old cardboard box with gift paper and use it as a trash holder when people open their presents to save you having to pick it up off the floor.
  6. Use a piece of a swimming noodle with the top split in two to hold playing cards during games.
  7. Don’t forget to bring a stack of cushions if you’re travelling for the holiday season to make your journey more comfortable.
  8. Wake up 10 minutes early for a quick meditation session for inner zen to ease the festive stress.
  9. Use a carabiner to carry lots of Christmas shopping bags in one go.
  10. Wrap Christmas lights around a magazine or a coat hanger when you take the decorations down – winning for next year already!

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