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The human spine is an impressive part of the human body and acts as the central core which (quite literally) keeps us upright.

Spinal care is important for us all, but if you have PsA then back care is crucial as the condition can affect the spine in one of the following two ways:1

  • Psoriatic Spondylitis: This is inflammation in the joints between the vertebrae.
  • Sacroiliitis: This occurs when the joints between the spine and pelvis are inflamed. It can be asymmetrical, meaning that pain might only be felt on one side of the body.

It’s unclear exactly how many people with PsA could develop spinal issues, but if you’re experiencing significant back pain or any unusual symptoms then it’s important to flag these to your rheumatologist (or dermatologist or primary care physician – whoever you are next due to see), who’ll decide on the best course of treatment or therapy. In the meantime, we’ve found some of the best everyday hacks to reduce pressure on your back and help to keep aches and pains in check.

Hacks for your back 1
Hacks for your back 2
Hacks for your back 3
Hacks for your back 4
Hacks for your back 5
Hacks for your back 6
Hacks for your back 7
Hacks for your back 8
Hacks for your back 9

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